BIM 360 docs


What is BIM 360 Docs?

BIM 360 Docs (Autodesk Docs) is a project data management system that works in the cloud. It ensures that all your models, drawings and documents are instantly accessible to all team members within a project. Through the advanced software, it is possible to create notes for team members and the cloud ensures that you are always viewing the latest version of the model. BIM 360 Docs is accessible via mobile, tablet and desktop, giving you real-time access to the latest updates on your project via any device.

What are the benefits of BIM 360 Docs?

BIM360 Docs comes with many benefits to help your project run efficiently. We have listed the main advantages for you below:

  • Real-time access to the latest updates on your project.
  • Compare different models and documents in 1 software package.
  • Management of your documents and models in the Cloud.
  • Integrated model viewer with IFC capability.
  • Cost reduction for your project.
  • More efficient collaboration through collaboration in the cloud.

Why buy BIM 360 Docs from CADexpress?

CADexpress has more than 20 years of experience with BIM software. Because of this experience and in-house expertise, we believe that through the right advice we can more efficiently schedule any project. Are you curious about the possibilities for your project? Then contact one of our experts, we will be happy to help you.