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ReCap Pro

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From: 370,00 (Excl. TAX)
1.343,10 (Incl. TAX)

Autodesk ReCap Pro lets you create high-quality and detailed models of existing buildings. By capturing reality, you can improve your insights. Ideal for researching, planning, building and renovating construction and infrastructure projects.

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Key features ReCap Pro

  • Autodesk Docs point cloud viewer:
    View and highlight point clouds and RealViews of published ReCap projects in Autodesk Docs.
  • Autodesk Drive integration:
    Publish your ReCap Pro projects to Autodesk Drive, Autodesk Docs and BIM 360 Docs.
  • Scan to mesh:
    Accelerate physical to digital workflows and create structured 3D meshes from point clouds.
  • View published ReCap Pro projects:
    View, annotate, and share published ReCap Pro projects in Autodesk Docs, Autodesk Drive, and BIM 360 Docs.
  • Project navigation:
    Compare scan view (RealView) in addition to map view and improve accuracy.
  • Setting Coordinates and Orientation:
    Use the compass widget to set the XY axis for the user coordinate system in the top view.
  • Accuracy of 3D photoreconstruction:
    Achieve survey-level accuracy with photoreconstruction. This saves costs on preparatory work and increases precision with GPS technology.
  • Access to ReCap Photo:
    With a subscription to ReCap Pro, you expand your photogrammetry capabilities with ReCap Photo.
  • Measure and edit point clouds:
    Improve communication between employees with the ability to measure, tag and share data in point clouds.
  • Highlight your work with videos:
    Turn View States into useful animations that you can then use to create presentations.
  • Scan Settings:
    Take advantage of several settings during the project creation process, such as applying a noise filter or decimation grid.
  • Measurement Function:
    The Surface Snap function measures the clearance between a starting surface and a point extending outward from the selection.
  • Integrate Navisworks data:
    Enrich your RealView panorama with data from Autodesk Navisworks.
  • Ortho image resolution:
    Generate high-resolution ortho images for large and small websites.
  • Faster processing:
    Take advantage of multicore processors and import scans up to 20% faster.
  • Accurate UCS setting:
    With the ability to manually enter accurate coordinate values, you gain more control over the origin and orientation of the user coordinate system (UCS).


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System requirements ReCap Pro 2023:
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 10 (64-bit).
CPU 2.0 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 64-bit (x64) processor.
RAM Minimum: 4GB
Recommended: 8 GB or more
Disk space 10.0 GB (recommended SSD).
Resolution Minimum: 1280 x 1024 with true colors.
Recommended: 1600 x 1050 or higher true color.
Graphic card Minimum: OpenGL 3.1 capable graphics device with 256 MB of graphics memory.
Recommended: Workstation-class OpenGL 3.3-capable graphics card with 1 GB or more of graphics memory.
Browser Google Chrome™ – latest version

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