PD&M Collection


What is the Autodesk PD&M Collection?

The Autodesk PD&M Collection is an Autodesk product design collection featuring best-in-class CAD, CAE and CAM software. The PD&M Collection contains the most advanced tools for developing products. This could include AutoCAD and Inventor, for example. All the tools within the PD&M Collection work seamlessly with each other so your project will be more streamlined and cost effective. When you purchase the Autodesk PD&M Collection, you also get automatic access to online Autodesk cloud services. These services allow you to store, render, collaborate or model data in the cloud. Autodesk's cloud services can be accessed on a tablet, phone and desktop.

Why buy the Autodesk PD&M collection from CADexpress?

CADexpress has over 20 years of experience in Autodesk items. Because of this specialism, we are confident that we can recommend the right collection for each company/project. This collection will not only make your project more efficient but will also minimize costs. Would you like more information about the Autodesk PD&M Collection or are you looking for customized advice? Then contact one of our experts.