Recap Pro


What is Autodesk Recap Pro?

Recap Pro is a program from Autodesk that allows data from a 3D laser scanner to be converted to point cloud format. This format is used by well-known Autodesk programs such as Revit, Inventor and AutoCAD. In addition, Autodesk Recap Pro provides the ability to visualize or clean up these pointclouds. The software package supports all common 3D scanners, and using the AEC Collection you can work seamlessly with all BIM programs.

What are Point Clouds?

A 3D laser scan ensures that your environment is fully captured in 3D. To convert this 3D environment into software, point clouds, or point clouds, are used. Point clouds are millions of points that combine to form your 3D environment. By using Recap Pro, you ensure that these point cloud files, or point cloud files, can be easily applied in your Autodesk application.

Why Buy Autodesk Recap Pro at CADexpress?

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