What is Rhinoceros?

Rhinoceros is 3D modeling software for designers and artists. Using Rhinoceros, it is not only possible to create 3D models but also to render, animate or model point clouds. Rhinoceros is popular in part because it is easy to export and import with well-known software packages. So you can use the file type Step, 3DS, SKP, STL and more. In addition, Rhino is very competitively priced compared to other 3D design programs.

Why buy Rhinoceros 3D from CADexpress?

CADexpress has more than 20 years of experience and is an expert in 3D design software. With the vast array of 3D software programs available, you may not see the forest for the trees. We are happy to help you find the right software package for your project. Want more information about Rhino or wish to receive customized advice from one of our experts? If so, please contact our expert help desk.