New: InfraWorks 2024

News | April 6, 2023

Autodesk InfraWorks 2024 is now available. This version again comes with many new features and improvements. Below we summarize the changes and new features.

New features and improvements in InfraWorks 2024

Improved point level tool:
Benefit now from faster identification of critical geometry in InfraWorks.

  • Accurate measurement of spot heights.
  • Snaps to points of interest.
  • Works in both 2D and 3D planes.
  • Reduction of InfraWorks/Revit cycles.

Display of optional and expected parameters:
Now make fewer mistakes and improve your productivity by creating custom components.

  • Efficient management of part parameters.
  • Both expected and optional parameters are displayed when importing parts.
  • Optional parameters are now documented.
  • Reduction of duplicated parameters.

Support for 2D geometry-based Revit families:
Greater efficiency in creating components with a consistent toolset.

  • Support extended to 2D geometry-based Revit families.
  • Familiar toolset for most infrastructure customers.
  • All component creation is now possible within the AEC collection.

Refined Revit category assignment:
Now easily meet component category requirements.

  • Subcomponents in an Inventor assembly can now be assigned separate Revit categories.
  • Assign different Revit categories to different generic models in an InfraWorks model.
  • Easier scheduling of parts in Revit.

Support for ‘Check for updates’ extended:
Now reduced modeling time due to design changes.

  • The “check for updates” feature has been extended to cross-frames and 2D extruded slice base geometries.
  • When updating changes from Revit families, segment-based geometry is respected.
  • Iterating on section changes is much more productive, getting to the “answer” faster.

InfraWorks 2024 available now

Are you excited about the new features and want to get started right away? Then order InfraWorks 2024 in our webshop now and get the latest version right away.

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