Wist je dat over Autodesk

What you may not have known about Autodesk Software

Autodesk facts

  1. Unlimited Installations: Did you know that starting June 11, you can install Autodesk software on as many computers as you want? This has always been different in the past. You had to log out of a workstation if you wanted to continue working at another workstation. It is now arranged so that if you log into a second PC with your Autodesk ID, you will be notified if you are still logged into another PC. You can then also pause that other PC.

    Important: This feature is not yet available for all Autodesk subscriptions. For example, you won’t get this notification (now) in AutoCAD Raster Design, Navisworks Manage and Navisworks Simulate, for example. Contact us for more information.

  2. License Assignment to Users: Each license must be assigned to a person with their own Autodesk ID. Easily managed in Autodesk’s management portal under ‘Users’. A person can install the software on multiple PCs, but only work on one at a time.
  3. Personal Licenses: The use of generic email addresses such as stage@voorbeeld.nl is not permitted in the Autodesk Portal. Each user, including trainees, must have their own Autodesk ID with first name, last name and email address. This is easily controlled in manage.autodesk.com.
  4. Using Different Releases: You can use different releases side by side, should you wish. Always possible to download and use a new release, but you can also continue to use older supporting versions.
  5. Updates via Autodesk Access App: Check your Autodesk Access App regularly for updates. If your license tells you to save and close your work, there may be an update available that you need to install.
  6. License assignment during Vacations: During a colleague’s vacation, you can assign the license to another user. Note: The other user must not use the vacation user’s Autodesk login. Sharing a User ID is not allowed!
  7. Managing Seat usage: Track license usage in manage.autodesk.com. If a user uses the software too little relative to its cost, Autodesk Flex tokens may be of interest. We are happy to review with you whether Autodesk Flex tokens are of interest!

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