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New: Skatter 2.0

News | October 6, 2021

In the new version Skatter 2.0, you have an even more powerful SketchUp Extension for object diffusion. With this you easily render huge amounts of vegetation, crowds, carpets, quickly fill city blocks and much more! This version of Skatter also brings many new features and improvements.

What are the new features in Skatter 2.0?

Up to 20x faster:
There is a new Skatter engine that has been completely rebuilt to improve performance. As a result, Skatter 2.0 is a lot faster than version 1.

New masks:
Several new masks have been added to Skatter, including the:

    • Image mask – Allows you to filter instances and create complex patterns over surfaces using external images.
    • Path mask – Allows you to filter instances along curves with an adjustable thickness. This is ideal for trails and tire tracks.
    • 3D paint mask – This mask has been rebuilt to be more versatile and efficient.
    • Composition mask – With this mask you project circular masks around each instance by being generated by a different composition.

The new zones allow you to group similar objects together. Think of flowers in a field or a lawn.

Random Materials:
You can now randomly assign different materials to objects to introduce large or small variations.

Spread in any direction:
Two new space projection modes have been added to Skatter 2.0:

    • Face-Space Projection -This is a new mode that allows you to wrap instances around your hosts with Uniform, Random or Grid distributions. This replaces the Wrap (UV) mode of Skatter 1. It was only compatible with Random distribution.
    • Object-Space Projection – This is a mode to project distributed instances along the local axis of a surface host. This is how you obtain a consistent result. Especially useful for non-horizontal hosts.

Nagel new UI:
New UI has been added to Skatter 2.0:

    • 3D Bazaar – 3D Bazaar replaces the old Skatter version 1 library. This bazaar is an extensive library of render-ready resources.
    • Compositions Manager – Render List has been replaced by the new Compositions Manager. This allows you to manage all your compositions.
    • Falloffs – A new curve editor allows for accurate control of the scale and density of falloffs.
    • Convert to Skatter composition – You can now convert a set of existing groups or components to a Skatter composition. This allows you to use powerful features such as Random or Render-Only Transformations.
    • Usability Enhancements – Skatter 2.0’s new user interface comes with many usability enhancements. So now you can undo, you have mask footprints, you can preview other compositions, and much more.

You can replace objects and variants as they get further away from the camera. For example, you can use lower-resolution versions of your objects to improve performance in your model.

Make all instances point to a target position. Here it is also possible to focus on the position of the sun, which can be very useful for plants.

Generate holes in regular partitions such as Grids and Face Centers, as well as empty zones, with parameters.

New Uniform:
Generate natural-looking but random compositions through a new Uniform type distribution. The old Uniform distribution from version 1 has been merged with the Grid distribution.

Skatter 2.0 available now

Excited about the new features and improvements? Skatter 2.0 is now available in our webshop.

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