Sketchup Pro 2022

New: SketchUp Pro 2022

News | January 28, 2022

SketchUp Pro 2022 is available! In this new version of the 3D drawing program, you will find many new and improved modeling tools and features. Below we give you an overview of everything that has changed and improved.

New features in SketchUp Pro 2022:

Support for Apple M1, macOS Monterey and Windows 11:
You can now fully enjoy SketchUp Pro on the latest operating systems.

Search Tool:
You can now quickly and easily search commands and installed extensions using the Search Tool.

Lasso selection tool:
Now draw custom selection boundaries from scratch and make multiple selections with one click-drag.

Tag tool:
Improve the model organization by clicking on an entity and applying a tag to it.

Stamp copy:
Copy objects and spread them naturally over an area.

Freehand tool:
SketchUp Pro now provides smoother lines and tighter curves for organically drawn lines.

Scene search:
New search filter next to Scenes to quickly find the scene you want.

Improved tangents:
The 2-Point Arc and 3-Point Arc tools allow you to specify and lock tangents faster from an existing edge or arc, so that the next click creates a tangent arc.

Auto-text in LayOut:
Use automatic tags without further text processing to, for example, quickly annotate drawings, create numbered pages, index legends or extract information from SketchUp, thus creating more powerful and efficient templates.

Find & Replace in LayOut:
Quickly replace or modify repeating text elements within a selection, page or document.

Zoom Selection in LayOut:
Jump to the desired zoom level in a given selection in LayOut, reducing the chance of unwanted delays when zooming in or out.

Other improvements in SketchUp:
Exploding geometry two to three times faster; Less “clipping” in your views; Improved Tape Measure tool, which retains the value of a guide line or measurement when moving the cursor; Exporting images at maximum size based on available memory.

SketchUp Pro 2022 available now

What new tools and features are you most excited about? Order the new SketchUp Pro 2022 now in our webshop.

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