Start with SketchUp

Congratulations on your new SketchUp subscription! Below is all the information on how to download, install and activate SketchUp.

Lots of design fun!

1. Order processing time

Please note that it may take several business days to process your SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Studio order. So don’t order it only on the last day of the 7-day trial period, as this could leave you without SketchUp for several days! Once your order is processed at the developer Trimble, you will receive an email from them confirming that you can get started with your SketchUp subscription.

Haven’t received anything within 3 business days? Then contact us at the phone number: 088 3977 377


2. Download SketchUp

On this page, you can download SketchUp Pro. Here you can choose between the Windows or macOS version. At the top you will find the most recent version of SketchUp.

On this page you will also find downloads for additional Extensions available for SketchUp. You do not need to download these extensions if you have not purchased them (yet). You can, of course, try them without obligation!


3. Install SketchUp

After you’ve downloaded SketchUp, it’s time to install it! Below we explain how to do this for each operating system.

Installing SketchUp Pro for Windows

Log yourself in as a normal user in Windows. Right-click on the installation file and choose “Run as Administrator. Then choose the installation disk (by default it is the C: disk) and the desired language and continue the installation process. After installing the software, restart your computer.

The video explains how to install SketchUp Pro on a Windows computer.

Download and install SketchUp on Windows

Installing SketchUp Pro for Mac

The SketchUp download may still be packed (with the extension .zip), in which case double-click it to unzip it. Then double-click the installation disk (extension .dmg). A window will appear showing the SketchUp logo and the Applications folder. Drag and drop the SketchUp icon into this Applications folder. Give permission to the files if prompted.

The video explains how to install SketchUp Pro on a macOS computer.

Download and install SketchUp on macOS

4. Activate SketchUp

You activate your SketchUp subscription with an account (Trimble ID), which is tied to your email address. So you don’t activate it with a serial number. With your SketchUp Pro subscription, you have access to SketchUp Pro for a certain amount of time. This license is tied to one person and should not be shared with others. You as a licensee are allowed to activate different devices (for each type of device this is allowed 2 times). This distinguishes between computers, mobile devices and Virtual/Mixed Reality glasses. So you can activate SketchUp at the office as well as on a laptop for home use. You also have access to Augmented Reality on your phone or tablet and can view your models in Virtual Reality with a Hololens or Oculus Rift.

Technical support and version upgrades are included for the duration of your subscription.

Activating a SketchUp subscription