Wat is de beste computer voor jouw CAD-software?

What is the best computer for your CAD software?


What is the best computer for your CAD software?

News | April 19, 2024

When you work with CAD software, the time always comes when you have to decide which new computer to buy. The most important thing is to think about exactly what you are going to do with your new PC.

System requirements to consider

Different system requirements apply to Autodesk software, depending on the type of modeling work you will be doing.

Do you work with Autodesk Inventor and create assemblies of up to 1,000 parts, or create complex models with thousands of parts? Then you should definitely pay attention to the system requirements of your PC or laptop.

Rendering: speed v.s. quality

If you also create renderings to show to your clients, it’s important to know what software you use for this and how fast you want these renders.

Mobile work v.s. fixed setup

Do you work primarily on a fixed PC, but also want the flexibility to work on the go? Then a notebook might be a good option, or perhaps both.

Modern notebooks are powerful enough to serve as mobile workstations, with fast processors, powerful graphics cards and plenty of working memory. Consider the possibility of expansion in the future, and don’t forget to add a docking station and additional monitor(s) for added functionality.

Mac v.s. Windows for CAD

Are you a Mac fan? Although Macs are suitable for applications such as AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT, you really need Windows for most Autodesk software.

Custom advice

Are you using different types of software and looking for a new hardware solution? Feel free to contact us for advice and together we can look at the best solution for your needs.

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