New: Enscape 3.5

News | May 22, 2023

Enscape 3.5 is available! This version again brings many improvements. For example, you can now enjoy many customizable assets, certified SpaceMouse support and updates to Revit 2024.

New features in Enscape 3.5

More than 1,000 customizable assets:
Beginning with Enscape 3.5, more than 1,000 customizable assets will be added to the Enscape Asset Library in the coming months. These assets are easily found under the Adjustable category. You can customize to the assets, for example, the materials, colors, variants or editing.

Lighting and reflection improvements:
With this new version, Enscape brings the first iteration of its improved global lighting algorithm. If you have a GPU with hardware accelerated ray tracing support, you will enjoy improved lighting, reflections and display quality.

You will now experience more realistic indirect lighting of higher quality, especially in interior scenes. In addition, you will experience more consistent lighting and accurate shadows in mirror reflections.

These enhancements are available to users with NVIDIA RTX or AMD RX 6000/7000 series graphics cards.

New 3D people assets:
Thanks to the new 3D people scanner Enscape has brought in, they can now create many more 3D assets. You will now find the first unique people (93 in total) in the Enscape Asset Library, marked “New.

Update alpha channel export:
Using the alpha channel export function in Enscape, it is possible to obtain a view with a transparent background. This facilitates editing and adjusting the background in another tool.

In addition, Enscape 3.5 offers the ability to export semi-transparent materials, such as windows and glass surfaces. This saves time in the post-processing process.

Certified SpaceMouse Support:
Did you know that with a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse you can navigate your 3D model easily and comfortably? This mouse is very popular among designers in various fields, including architecture and interior design. The SpaceMouse is often seen as a faster and more efficient way to move through projects.

Enscape 3.5 allows you to customize mouse control via hotkeys on the SpaceMouse itself. This makes using a SpaceMouse in conjunction with Enscape much easier.

Layer assignment of assets in Rhino:
Previously, when an Enscape object was placed in a project, it was automatically assigned to the default layer in Rhino. Now, when you place assets in Rhino or Enscape, they are placed in the currently selected layer.

This enhancement optimizes workflows and allows you to work with layers in Rhino in a more organized way. Also, you can now filter items to show only visible items, giving you even more control over your design.

Account Access:
It is now possible to access your user account directly from the Enscape toolbar. This allows you to quickly and easily view your license information, manage uploads and view panoramas.

Updates to Revit 2024:
Enscape 3.5 supports the latest version of Revit, so real-time visualization is now incorporated directly into your design workflow.

In addition, there is an orthographic rendering update for Revit. Previous versions of Enscape had a limitation in Revit where users experienced problems with the saved camera position when creating or updating an orthographic view in Enscape. With the latest update, this problem has been solved. Once an orthographic view is created or modified in Enscape, Revit will display the same view as Enscape. The cropping area in Revit is now synchronized with the Enscape viewport, giving users the ability to adjust the cropping area in Revit to influence the view in Enscape. This synchronization works in both directions, meaning that adjustments to the cropping area in Revit also affect the rendering in Enscape.

Enscape 3.5 now available

Enscape 3.5 is a free update for existing users. Do you still want to purchase Enscape? Then order it now in our webshop.

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