New: Revit 2024

News | April 6, 2023

Autodesk Revit 2024 is now available! We give you an overview of the latest features and improvements in this software below.

New features in Autodesk Revit

Dark theme:
It is finally possible to use a dark theme in Revit. This can be set for the drawing area but also for the user interface. This feature can be found under “Options” and then “Colors tab.

Insights into Revit Home:
Gain insights and knowledge about your Revit usage and discover how to improve your experience with the software through suggestions. Some of the insights found in My Insights include: a summary of your used commands, personalized recommendations for commands and features, application performance and tips for learning paths.

Coordination Model from Autodesk Docs to Revit:
Keep your team on the same page to link the coordination model from Autodesk Docs to Autodesk Revit. This makes it easier for project teams to coordinate and synchronize.

New Site Tools:
The new site tools in Revit support the documentation and design of richly detailed landscapes. Now model your design intent freely and easily thanks to the versatile site and mass tools for modeling topography. You can also collect and rationalize data on existing conditions from CAD imports, CSV point files and more. In addition, you can fill in sheets, views and schedules and calculate material quantities. Use Revit’s design-to-documentation engine to save time and improve design quality when modeling landscape and terrain conditions.

In Revit 2024, you’ll find new capabilities for creating, planning and documenting rebar. The new bar bending details allow you to add and customize details for bending rebar so that your views and sheets respect your typical practice. Thanks to this new tool, you reduce the number of errors and omissions in your document sets.

New sample model
A new sample model has been added to Revit that you can use to learn more about features and workflows. Also, you now start projects even easier with the updated project templates.

Improvements in Autodesk Revit

Improved Steel Connection SDK documentation:
Revit 2024’s API documentation provides detailed guidance for extending steel connection functionality. This includes new API examples.

Consistency rendering 2D elements:
2D elements are now displayed consistently throughout Revit. In previous versions, the way elements were displayed in the Family Editor, in projects and in PDFs was inconsistent. Also, controls for the drawing order of 2D elements are now available for all family categories in the Family Editor.

Color Books dialog box:
You can now use third-party coloring books or your own defined coloring books to apply specific colors. To do this, click on the desired color from the available color books in the Windows “Color” dialog box.

Revit to Twinmotion enhancements:
Automatic synchronization of changes from the active Revit model to Twinmotion is now supported by Auto Sync. You can enable this feature yourself the moment a 3D display is active.

Dynamo 2.17 updates:
In Dynamo, several improvements have been made to Node Autocomplete and to the documentation browser. In addition, it is now possible to import and export Dynamo settings from the ‘Preferences’ panel and you can now insert graphs in the workspace.

Modernized user interface:
More than 2,000 icons have been replaced with new and more modern versions.

Revit 2024 available now

Are you excited about the new features and want to get started right away? Then order Autodesk Revit now from our webshop and get the latest version immediately.

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