New: Rhino 8

News | November 28, 2023

As of today, Rhino 8 is available! This new version of Rhinoceros again brings many new features and improvements. We list them for you:

What’s new in Rhino 8?

ShrinkWrap creates a waterproof envelope around both open and closed meshes, NURBS geometry, SubD and point clouds. This is particularly suitable for generating meshes for 3D printing.

SubD Folding:
For designers who want to effortlessly create organic shapes, SubD offers an innovative method of creating precise shapes with double curvature. Shapes that would take a lot of time and frustration with traditional NURBS geometry, or even be unfeasible. SubD objects are very precise, but can be easily modified and refined using polygons. Moreover, they can be converted directly into producible objects.

Improved modeling workflows:
Rhino 8 introduces innovative modeling workflows, including PushPull. PushPull allows you to grab a plane and push or pull on it, extrude or extend it. This feature speeds up modeling by directly adding or removing volumes from existing objects. In addition, Rhino 8 adds intuitive new features such as Gumball, Automatic CPlanes and more.

Improvements in clipping and sectioning:
Rhino 8 brings several improvements to section technology to optimize the visualization of various drawing and manufacturing processes.

Improved performance:
Rhino 8 features an improved Cycles Render engine, an optimized UV workflow, improved procedural textures, a new rendering mode and numerous other improvements.

Grasshopper: Rhino Data Types:
With Rhino Data Types, you can generate geometry with custom attributes, import a wider range of file formats, manage blocks, use native materials in the view pipeline, create shading and annotations, and take advantage of several other advanced workflows.

Faster on Mac:
Rhino for Mac is now faster than ever, runs seamlessly on both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs, and takes advantage of Apple Metal’s advanced display technology. McNeel also brought the user interface on the Mac closer to that of the Windows platform.

And many more improvements:
In addition to the above highlights, many other improvements have of course been made. Find out everything new on the Rhino 8 website.

Rhino 8 available now

Rhinoceros 8 is now available in our webshop. When you purchase a Rhino license, you automatically get access to the latest version.

Already have a Rhino license but want to upgrade to the latest version? Especially for you, we have a temporary upgrade offer: an upgrade now costs €395 instead of €595. This offer runs from Nov. 28, 2023 through Feb. 27, 2024.

Which new updates are you most excited about?

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