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News | April 15, 2023

The time has come, Epic Games has released Twinmotion 2023.1! What new features do we find in it? We give you an overview.

New features in Twinmotion 2023.1

New user interface:
Twinmotion has undergone a makeover! The new user interface is both more pleasing to the eye and more harmonious with other tools of Epic Games software. Thanks to this new look, you also need fewer clicks to access previously hidden features. This is how you really discover all that Twinmotion has to offer.

New templates:
Save repetitive work and time with new templates of indoor and outdoor environments. You can use these as a handy starting point for your new design. Simply swap your object with the one in the template and you are ready to export the media.

Also added are new procedural cycloramas to simulate curved backgrounds. This is especially useful for product photos because the background seemingly disappears and the focus becomes on the product. Here the height, width and depth, as well as the radius for curves can be adjusted for each item. This way you can quickly create the ideal background that fits the scale and proportions of your product.

Path Tracer improvements:
Path Tracer was introduced in Twinmotion 2022.1 and in this release you will find several improvements to this feature. For example, there are improvements to support for emblems and volumetric fog, there is improved sky rendering, and transparent objects are now correctly rendered with depth of field.

New and improved materials:
The Twinmotion library has been expanded even further with new drag-and-drop materials! In the fabric, leather, plastic and metal categories, 78 new materials have been added that are hosted in the cloud and delivered with 4K textures. In the automotive visualization category, 34 new material types have been added. These have special functions and parameters for handling effects specific to automotive paint that allow you to simulate a wide range of finishes including chameleon and pearl paint.

Improvements have also been made to basic materials. For example, it is now possible to use a separate texture as a coverage map, the X-ray function is now available on any base material, and the quality of Parallax Offset Mapping is significantly better.

In addition, 22 new materials have been added to the Glass material library. Basic glass materials now have an option to use the thin, translucent shadow mode. Texture maps can now be added to the Base Color, Normal, Metallic and Roughness channels. New parameters are available such as Index of Refraction, Iridescence and Imperfections. These enhancements allow you to simulate a wide range of materials

Expanded asset library:
More than 300 new people to use have been added in the categories: Summer, Business, Construction, Travel and University. There are also nearly 1,000 new standard assets in the categories: Backyard, Sports Equipment, Decoration, Bathroom, Storage, Office and Healthcare. This makes it easier to fill a wide arsenal of scenes with ready-made items and people through drag-and-drop.

Optimized Twinmotion file format:
The Twinmotion file format has been improved in a number of ways. Identical meshes and textures in a project are now detected and duplication is prevented. Also, scenes are stored with multithreaded compression on multi-core hardware and HDRI files are now significantly compressed and embedded in Twinmotion files. All these changes provide smaller file sizes, better scene storage and load times, and overall performance.

Twinmotion Datasmith file export:
This release replaces the Twinmotion Datasmith Importer Plugin for Unreal Engine with a built-in Twinmotion Datasmith file exporter. This allows you to export your project from Twinmotion in a format that Unreal Engine can understand. As a result, materials are correctly applied to assets that come from too cloud. Also, a much smaller Datasmith Twinmotion Content for Unreal Engine plugin di allows for faster downloads and smaller project sizes.

Virtual Reality – OpenXR:
Through the OpenXR API, all VR headsets are now supported. Make sure your VR glasses’ drivers are up-to-date for this support.

Twinmotion 2023 available now

Which new updates are you most excited about? You can now purchase this new version of Twinmotion from our web shop.

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