New: Vault 2024

News | March 30, 2023

Autodesk has released Vault 2024, adding many new features and improvements. Below we list the most important updates.

New features in Vault Professional 2024

Export DXF and STEP files:
It is now possible to publish and manage DXF and STEP files automatically. This allows users to export these files for production, suppliers and subcontractors as part of the release process.

Copy folder structures:
Vault 2024 has added a Copy Folder feature. Allows you to copy the original structure of a folder, this also allows you to copy folder permissions and properties. This allows users to quickly set up a new project and start with a familiar folder structure.

Peer review:
You can now set that a peer review must be satisfied before a status change can occur when approving designs in Vault. Thus, someone else on the team must review the design before the process is allowed to proceed to the next state.

Backup and restore improvements:
You can now choose to back up only the databases without the files. You can also choose which Vault and libraries to back up. In addition, you have the now option to use an existing storage location for your files during the recovery operation. With all these improvements, the Vault administrator has more flexibility for backup and restore operations of large environments.

Improvements in Vault 2024

Copy Design improvements:
You now have to click less to copy designs and pre-checks have now been added to avoid errors before creating a new design variation.

Copy Design BOM improvements:
Copy Design updates BOM information in part files without having to open them in Inventor first. This allows newly copied parts to be assigned to an Item immediately after Copy Design is executed.

Insert Punch Tool from Vault:
Users can now select sheet metal punches from the Vault when they are not in the local workspace.

Inventor design data and template management:
Better integration of Inventor and Vault. The CAD Administrator can now easily create and implement template updates for users through Vault. Users can also stay up-to-date with templates and design data without manual updates.

Job Processor improvements:
Improvements have been made to the Job Processor. Thus, you now have the option for automatic retry for a failed task. You can also specify the retry strategy between 1 and 10 attempts. In addition, the Job Processor will automatically retry failed jobs without manual intervention.

Thin Client enhancements:
Several improvements have been made to the Thin Client.

  • Administrators can set default columns for all Thin Client users.
  • Select the Vault you need at the time you log in to the Thin Client from the drop-down menu of all available Vaults on the server.
  • Control for unfolding or collapsing all objects with structure.
  • Advanced search capabilities combined with a modern user interface for a better experience.

Inventor Read-only Vault add-in:
You can now efficiently view models without switching between applications. Users can access Vault Professional data directly from Inventor Read-only.

Vault 2024 available now

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