HP 320MK Keyboard and Mouse

HP keyboard and mouse combo set 320MK

HP 320MK Keyboard and Mouse

25,00 (Excl. TAX)
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25,00 (Excl. TAX)
30,25 (Incl. TAX)

Complete your workstation with the HP 320MK keyboard and mouse. With the ergonomic mouse and adjustable keyboard, you work comfortably on your computer. Ideal for both right- and left-handers.

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Features HP 320MK keyboard and mouse

Buy your HP mouse and keyboard extra cheap with this bundle!

  • Comfortable:
    The 320K keyboard is smaller, has flat, quiet keys and has a familiar layout with a number pad and arrow keys. The keyboard is adjustable at an inclination of 6° for your wrist position. The 320M mouse is ergonomically designed and can be used by left- and right-handers.
  • Easy to use:
    Easily connect the mouse and keyboard to your computer or laptop through USB ports. The LED indicator on the keyboard alerts you when keys are locked. The wheel on the mouse functions as a third function button.
  • Easy to clean:
    HP keyboards and mice have been tested to 1000 cleaning times. This means you can safely clean your mouse and keyboard with disinfectant wipes without worry.
  • Environmentally friendly:
    The HP keyboard consists of more than 50% consumer-recycled plastic, and the circuit boards of both the mouse and keyboard are low halogen.
  • For use in industrial environments:
    You can safely use the keyboard in industrial environments. This is possible thanks to the design that is better tested against fine dust than its predecessor.


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HP 320MK keyboard and mouse specifications:
Compatible operating systems
  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10 (64 and 32 bit)
  • (UWP) RS4 and above
Connector USB
Cable length
  • 180 cm (keyboard)
  • 180 cm (mouse)
Package Contents
  • Keyboard (320K keyboard)
  • Mouse (320M mouse)
  • QSP
  • Warranty Card
  • Product Information
  • 413 grams (keyboard)
  • 75.8 grams (mouse)
  • 42.62 x 11.09 x 1.67 cm (keyboard)
  • 10.38 x 6.34 x 3.55 cm (mouse)
Warranty 1 year warranty

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