Spacemouse Wireless Kit 2

3Dconnexion Spacemouse Wireless Kit 2

Spacemouse Wireless Kit 2

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209,00 (Excl. TAX)
252,89 (Incl. TAX)

The SpaceMouse Wireless Kit 2 from 3Dconnexion includes tools that make navigating CAD software easier for CAD designers, draftsmen and modelers. In this package you will find a 3D mouse, a CAD mouse and useful accessories. By working with both a 3D mouse and a CAD mouse, you adopt an ergonomic and comfortable posture. This will allow you to design for even longer periods of time without suffering from the muscles or tendons in your hands and wrists.

The products in this package are great for taking with you, making this kit the mobile CAD solution.


Contents SpaceMouse Wireless Kit 2

  • SpaceMouse Wireless:
    This 3D mouse allows you to navigate intuitively through your 3D models in CAD software. In addition, the two programmable buttons on this mouse allow you to easily have radial menus that allow you to quickly use your favorite commands.
  • SpaceMouse Wireless carry case:
    Want to take your wireless SpaceMouse to another workstation? No problem! This carrying case will prevent damage to your mouse and ensure that the 3D mouse arrives safely at the workplace.
  • CadMouse Compact Wireless:
    You use the CADmouse Compact in addition to the 3D mouse to navigate through your CAD software. The programmable buttons make it easy to get to your most used commands. This CADmouse is very compact and light making it easy to carry around.
  • CadMouse Compact Wireless carry case
    Always carry your wireless CADmouse Compact safely with the carrying case that comes with it. This carrying case is specially made for the CADmouse compact and protects the mouse during travel.
  • CadMouse Pad Compact:
    This mouse pad is developed exclusively for the 3Dconnexion CADmouse series. It allows for even smoother and more precise movements of your mouse. The compact size allows you to take this mouse pad anywhere.
  • 3Dconnexion Universal Receiver:
    The 3Dconnexion Universal Receiver lets you connect up to five 3Dconnexion wireless products with one small USB receiver. This allows you to use both your wireless SpaceMouse and wireless CadMouse while only having to use one USB slot in your workstation.
  • 3DxWare 10:
    With this software you set the programmable buttons of the 3Dconnexion mice to your preference. The user-friendly interface gets you started right away.
  • Micro USB cable


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