A SketchUp license is for one person and this person can activate the license on 2 computers. It may happen that when using SketchUp you get the message that you have ‘too many activations’, this means that you have exceeded this number of activations. You may have already activated SketchUp on 2 different computers or you may have activated multiple SketchUp versions on 1 computer. To unlock an activation, you must then log out on one of your computers with your SketchUp account. It is also possible to remove all activations, this can be done through SketchUp in the ‘Help’ menu under ‘Manage Licensing’. This button opens your Trimble account in a browser. Log in here with your Trimble ID. From this account, go to ‘My Products’ > ‘View Included Applications’ > ‘Manage Devices’ > SketchUp > ‘Deauthorize All’.